Casting the brand with heart

Yongkang JunTao Hardware is a famous stainless steel copper plate stainless steel copper flower and stainless steel copper plate professional manufacturer. The company has advanced technology management and scientific management system. It is a composite enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales. The earliest professional electroplating production line for stainless steel copper plate in China is an early enterprise dedicated to stainless steel copper plating. The copper copper flower, stainless steel copper plate and stainless steel copper plated flower are widely used in door manufacturers, decoration enterprises and building materials enterprises. The sales scope covers all parts of the country. The products have won the praise of users with excellent quality and low price.

In 2016, JunTao further improved its own product line and gradually stepped into the cast aluminum sheet industry. Years of hardware production experience, to provide users with a more quality and original products, so far, Jun Tao has more than hundreds of styles of dozens of appearance patents, and many well-known brands reached strategic cooperation. Providing customized services for high-end cast aluminum facades for more than 1,000 companies. Your satisfaction is the greatest pursuit of our "JunTao people", and we are willing to do our best for this.

  • 1600T
    Hydraulic machinery
  • 1000+
    Customized business
  • 300+
    Product style
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