Casting the brand with heart
Yongkang Junyi Hardware Processing Factory is a famous manufacturer of stainless steel copper plate, stainless steel copper plated copper flower and stainless steel copper plated trash can. In 2016, the company boldly decided to raise funds to purchase a senior cast aluminum plate workshop and set up the Junyi cast aluminum plate branch. At present, vacuum cast aluminum plates can be produced, and sand cast aluminum plates can be turned over. So far, the company...
Hydraulic machinery
Technological innovation achieves excellent quality. Without innovation, there is no technology leading. Continuous improvement makes it always maintain the leading position in the industry.
High-end quality, detail decision
300 +
Product diversification
Our goal is to work hard to make our customers satisfied, I believe we will do better with your support.
1000 +
The glory of the door
So far, Junyi has more than hundreds of styles and dozens of appearance patents and has reached strategic cooperation with many well-known brands to provide high-end facade customization services for more than 1,000 companies.
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